California Dreaming


My name is Leland Sheppard.  I was born in Hutchinson, Minnesota in 1938 and raised there.  In 1963, I moved to California and that is where I reside today.  I have been employed in the computer field since January of 1966 and I have been riding motorcycles since June of 1964.  I love my work which is computer programming and I love motorcycling.


I also love rowing.  I have been rowing boats most of my life.  Rowing is a wonderful, peaceful way to get good exercise.  Thanks to Ron Rantilla’s wonderful invention, for the first time in over 60 years I am able to see where I’m going.  No more cricks in the neck.

I bought an Old Town Discovery 158 canoe from a local man, removed a couple of thwarts, dropped Ron’s Front Rower into it and have been have a great time ever since.  My rowing venue, Lake Natomas in Folsom, California is 29 miles from my home so I can only go rowing once a week.  Better than a sharp stick.  The lake is quiet, narrow, 7 miles long with almost no wave action.  No power boats allowed.  Perfect for my rowing.


I combine two of my loves by pulling my canoe/front rower behind my Honda Goldwing motorcycle to get to my rowing venue.

Sunday mornings are my time for peace and quiet and exercise on a lovely quiet lake.

One thought on “California Dreaming

  1. Can’t remember if I told you or not Ron, but on my way home after rowing, I feel absolutely euphoric. Twenty years younger… Half of it is probably the stuff in my brain produced by the exercise but the other half is the fact that this activity is soul food for me. I’ve loved being on the water and rowing all my life. And to be able to do it this way at this time of my life is better than fantastic… :-)

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